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Why a Look Up Tour
with Will Graham?

Because eternity is at stake! All around us are people who are struggling through life, searching for hope, peace and purpose. They are taking their last breaths without the promise of heaven. We must do all we can to share the Good News of the Gospel while there is still time.

What is it?

A Look Up Tour with Will Graham event is a partnership between the churches of your community and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, as we jointly and boldly proclaim the hope of Christ through free, family-friendly outreaches. Our two-fold aim is for the Church to be strengthened and the Gospel to be proclaimed.

What it does

  1. The Look Up Tour mobilizes the Christian community to action, prayer and unity through a concerted community-wide effort.
  2. Equips believers with evangelism training and an action plan for sharing their faith.
  3. Assembles as many people as possible to hear the Gospel message.
  4. Offers an opportunity for inquirers to respond to the Gospel and grow in their new-found faith.
  5. Brings spiritual renewal in a community as the church is energized and grown.

The Process

The community will see an exciting event, but so much more goes into a Look Up Tour outreach:

  1. Preparation: A months-long period of praying, energizing the church, learning evangelism techniques, generating public awareness and inviting friends to the Look Up Tour.
  2. Proclamation: Will Graham and award-winning musicians share the hope of Christ during the Look Up Tour.
  3. Preservation: An extensive follow-up effort takes place after the Look Up Tour to ensure that every person that responded to the Gospel is engaged by the local church and able to grow in their newfound faith.

If you have a burden to reach your community and want the Look Up Tour with Will Graham to come to your area, reach out to us at request.wg@bgea.org.

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